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The Closest You Can Get To Natural Teeth Are Dental Implants

Let us be honest, getting dentures in Anchoage is not for everyone, not because they are not comfortable, but rather because many people want false teeth that they do not have to put in a glass of water at night. Many edentulous individuals, whether completely or partially toothless, dream of brushing their teeth the way they used to, without having to take them out and handle them with their hands. Luckily, with great advancements in dental technology, this is now possible.

What Are Dental Implants?

dentures dentist in anchorageDental implants are the closest you can get to your original dentition. This type of prosthetic does not just come with a crown that looks like a real tooth, but with a root as well. Titanium posts are used to anchor the “tooth” to your alveolar ridge. Therefore, these teeth stay in place and allow you to chew on tough yet juicy steaks, eat corn from the cob and enjoy crunchy apples, carrots without having to worry about your denture slipping out.

Why Titanium Implants?

If you look through many dental implant forums, you will notice that most people wonder why titanium is used as posts, instead of any other metal. This is because countless studies show that there is little to no chance of tissue rejection when titanium is used. The titanium fuses to the bone once the area is healed. This process is called osseointegration, and it is defined as the functional and structural connection between the surface of an artificial implant and living bone tissue. So far, titanium is preferred because it meshes best with alveolar bone.

The Dental Implant Procedure

Once the dental specialist declares you a likely candidate for this procedure, he or she will tell you that getting implants is just like having your real teeth back. You have to improve your oral hygiene and learn to treat your implants like regular teeth.

The procedure requires your dentist to attach the titanium screw post to your alveolar bone using a low-speed drill. The patient is injected with an anesthetic solution beforehand to prevent him or her from feeling discomfort. Once the post is situated properly, it will take two to four months for it to heal. When the area is healed, the tooth restoration can be put in place.

Dental implants provide partially and completely toothless individuals with a second chance at having their teeth back. There is no need to take your dentures out. You can wake up in the morning without having to worry about denture adhesive. Dental implants will allow you to laugh in public without having to worry about your “teeth” slipping and most importantly; you will be able to enjoy the food you had to give up eating.

However, please note that your dentist has to review your dental and medical history to make sure that you are a likely candidate for this procedure. Some individuals have to settle for dentures because they have certain conditions that can cause tissue rejection, while other have to make important lifestyle changes to become a good candidate for this procedure. If you want to find out if dental implants can replace your dentures, please visit your dental implant dentist in Anchorage today to learn more about this revolutionary prosthetic.

Anchorage Dental Clinic: Offering Comprehensive Dental Care

The Oh Lala Web Experts office recently needed to add dental insurance for our employees health care plans. We wanted to find a good dental clinic in Anchorage and found many amazing dentist. Some had more reviews than what was necessary, others looked like they were desperate for new patients but a few dentists in Anchorage actually stood out.

Here was a list of our criteria and what we were looking for in the best dentists:

Tooth related injuries and conditions can be frustrating, painful and embarrassing, to say the least. It is in this respect that Alaska has more than one dental clinic. Most dental clinics in Anchorage, Alaska perform regular tooth services such as teeth whitening, removal of teeth, treatment of periodontal diseases, emergency dental situations such as knocked-out or chipped teeth and dentures among others. At dental clinics, patients receive red-carpet treatment from the clinic’s staffs so that they can calm down and have stress and pain-free dental experiences.

Do they offer Dentures?

partial dentures dentist in anchorageLosing a tooth, several teeth or all teeth, can be very depressing in that not only does the mouth and face, largely, lose aesthetic value, but also eating and or speaking become difficult. Thanks to dental clinics in Anchorage lost teeth can be rectified through the replacement with synthetic teeth. Dentures must be tailor-made for each person; depending on his/ her mouth shape and the number of teeth that need replacement.

Two major types exist;

partial and full denture. A partial denture replaces one tooth or several teeth, which have come out for whatever reason; whether knocked out, removed because of infection or due to age.

A full denture, on the other hand, replaces all the teeth. Full dentures can fall under conventional, where the remaining teeth must be removed and the gums allowed healing before the denture replacement, and immediate full denture, done when the gums are still raw with wound.

We found that Alcan Dental offers dentures service in Anchorage and has been offering dentures for many years.

How about emergency dental care?

No one expects to have any tooth/ teeth accidents, but they happen anyway. People can get teeth knocked out or chipped during contact sports, motor accidents and or any other accident that hits the mouth. In such cases, the knocked out or chipped tooth needs immediate attention to relief the patient off pain, reduce bleeding, avoid infection and or reinstate the tooth if possible. Patients in such conditions must press sanitized gauze/ cloths on the mouth or bleeding tooth, and keep the knocked out teeth in clean containers. Toothaches and tooth infections gone really bad (such as abscess) also warrant urgent dental care.

Do they have some form of teeth whitening service?

A large percentage of the world’s population, not to mention in Anchorage, suffers colored teeth. The condition can, however, be reversed through the teeth whitening process carried out in Anchorage dental clinic. A whitening gel, applied on the teeth and activated by light, seeps into the tooth’s enamel making them look brighter. ZOOM is a high quality tooth whitening treatment, so any dentists offering this service probably has other quality services. You can read about ZOOM teeth whitening at their main website here.

Why we chose Alcan Dental Group

Since dental health is a very important part of regular health care, choosing the best dentists was important for us. Regular cleaning of teeth must be faithfully exercised to avoid some of the most common tooth problems. However, regular dental consultation is important as it enables early detection of problems and provides appropriate treatment. This dental clinic offers a wide range of services beyond regular cleanings, such as dentures, whitening and emergency care among others.